Block: Geometry




System of reference in the plane

Application of vectors to geometric problems I

Application of vectors to geometric problems II

Equation of a straight line I

Equation of a straight line II

Application of vectors to metric problems

Vector of the normal to a straight line.

The angle between two lines.

Distance between two points.

Distance from a point to a line.

Problems with parametric lines I

Problems with parametric lines II

Explicit equation of a line I Gradient

Explicit equation of a line II

Position of two lines

Geometric loci I

Bisector of a segment

Bisector of an angle

Geometric loci II





In this unit we will approach the study of the straight line in a plane considering thoroughly the necessary concepts to do so.

We will be working with numerical and geometric elements to find algebraically the concepts associated with the study in a plane.

In some places geometry will be contemplated where it can be shown how an analytical method can be used to simplify geometric concepts.

  • To understand the concept of a vector and to use them analytically.
  • To obtain the equation of a straight line in the plane in its different forms.
  • To determine the position relative to two lines of the plane.
  • To find the size of angle which they form.
  • To calculate the distance between two points, a point and a line and between two lines in the plane.
  • Apply the vector calculation to solve simple geometric problems: mid point of a segment.
  • Develop adequate flexibility to approach geometric situations form different view points.
  • To find the equations of some geometric loci.

  Ángela Núñez Castaín
Ministry of Education, Social Afairs and Sport. Year 2001

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