First and Second Year of  Secondary Education



The principle of powers.

The multiplication of powers with the same base.

The division of powers with the same base.
Powers with index 0.
Powers with a negative index.

Powers of another power.

Powers of a product.

Check what you know.

Calculation games with powers.

Factor decomposition.


The main principles and properties of powers are revised in the first pages to let students discover them intuitively when using the windows.

Then students can check their knowledge of these principles through simple excercises.

In the pages with calculation games students can practice mental calculation of multiplications and divisions and apply the index laws.

Finally it revises one of the applications of powers, how it is the factor decomposition of a number.

  • To reinforce the principles previously studied in class.
    - The principle of powers

    - The product of powers with the same base
    - The division of powers with the same base
    - Powers with index 0
    - Powers with a negative index
    - Powers of another power
    - Powers of a product
  Eduardo Barbero Corral
Spanish Ministry of Education. Year 2007

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