3rd year of secondary education



In this window there is a graph. You can move point A using the mouse to obtain the necessary information you need to complete the activities that accompany this window.

1.- Copy the graph into your exercise book making sure you include all the information that appears in the window.

2.- Draw up a table of values from X = 0 to X = 12 which includes all the corresponding information for 20 values of x, including the information given for the white lines shown in the graph.

3.- In the window different phases of the graph are labeled with different terms: constant, increasing and decreasing. Label the unnamed phases of the graph in your exercise book with the correct term. Look at the information you obtained in the last activity and try to write a definition for these terms.

4.- Two points on the graph have been labeled with the terms MAXIMUM and minimum. Use the window and information obtained earlier to help you write a definition of these terms.

5.- Imagine that the graph in the window represents a cross section of one of the legs of the Cycling race around Spain! Try to describe the route in as much detail as possible. Then, try to sketch the corresponding graph of the speed of one of the cyclists during this leg of the race.


This window shows the change in profits made by a pharmaceutical company over a twelve month period. Each white point on the X-axis represents the last day of each month.

6.- Copy the graph into your exercise book and indicate clearly the intervals of increase and decrease.


7.- Draw up a table of values which reflects the change in profits made by the company

in the monthly balance calculated at the end of each month. Indicate the maximum and minimum points on the graph too. 

8.- The company has 45 million euros (€) capital on the 1st January. Draw up a table of values which shows the amount of capital available at the end of each month.


This window illustrates different speeds reached by a motorcyclist during the third lap of a race. The motorcyclist is trying out a new motorbike for the next 500 cc World Championship. The start coincides with the origin of the graph.

9.- Draw up a table of values in your exercise book which clearly indicates the maximum and minimum speeds of the motorcyclist.

10.- Copy the graph into your exercise book and label it clearly with the different increase and decrease intervals. Then, write a short description of this third lap.


11.-Use the graph and information obtained to help you to sketch the outline of the circuit where the trial takes place. Explain your reasons for drawing the shape of you have drawn.



This window illustrates the temperature of a meteorological observatory measured by a thermometer over a 24 hour period.

12.- Copy the graph into your exercise book and label the increase and decrease intervals.

13.- Draw up a table of values which shows the temperature every hour.

14.- Use your observations to answer the following questions in your exercise book:

a.- What is the maximum temperature? What is the minimum temperature?

b.- Between which two times was the greatest increase in temperature (indicate the value)? And the biggest decrease?

c.- If we know that the observatory is located in a town on the east cost of Spain what time of year does the data correspond to? Explain your answer.





















Josep Mª Navarro Canut


Spanish Ministry of Education. Year 2001





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