Fractions, decimals and percentages:
3rd year of secondary education.

Percentages and fractions 

20% of an amount is the same as a fifth:fracciones4_02.gif (1165 bytes)

fracciones4_03.gif (918 bytes)of an amount is the same as 75%: fracciones4_03.gif (918 bytes)= fracciones4_03.gif (918 bytes)* 100 % = 75 %

We can express any percentage as a fraction and vice versa.

You can use this window to see how a certain quantity is expressed as a fraction and what its corresponding percentage is. Use it to solve the following problem.

Exercise 9

a) Express the following fractions as percentages: 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 9/10, 1/5
b) Express the following percentages as fractions: 50%, 25%, 75%, 60%, 10%, 80%

Check your results in this window.

Exercise 10

Express the coloured parts of the following shapes as fractions and percentages of the whole shape:

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