2nd year of post-compulsory secondary education.




An intuitive approach.


Different types of discontinuities.

Continuity of functions.
Classification of discontinuities.

This unit deals with the concept of continuity of functions. It carries on from previous units which dealt with limits of functions and the properties of these limits.

Firstly, we take an intuitive approach to introduce the concept of continuity through different examples. The unit then follows on with a detailed analysis of the concept of continuity and ends by focusing on the different types discontinuities.

  • To know if a function is continuous by looking at its graph.
  • To acquire a detailed understanding of the concept of continuity of functions.
  • To recognise different types of discontinuities by looking at their graphs or working with their definitions.

  Belén Pérez Zurdo.
Spanish Ministry of Education and Education. Year 2001