3rd year of secondary education.




Elementary probability.

The law of large numbers.

Compound probability.

Probability and chance.

This unit introduces the concepts of probability and chance. The basic concept of theoretical probability is also introduced (events, frequency etc.).

Practical examples are used to illustrate different concepts and the basic laws and rules governing probability are outlined (e.g. Laplace's rule and the law of large numbers).

The unit ends with an introduction to the probability of compound events and focuses on examples of the union and intersection of events.

  • Prove the Law of large numbers through experimentation.
  • Apply Laplace's rule to work out simple probabilities.
  • To relate and distinguish the concepts of the probability and frequency of an event.
  • To work out the probabilities of compound events.

  Ángela Núñez Castaín
Spanish Ministry of Education. Year 2001

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