Equivalent fractions

1. Equivalent fractions. The rational number.

Equivalent fractions are those that represent the same value.

We know that there are dfferent divisions with the same result. Equivalent fractions have different numerators and denominators, but they equal the same value.
Each fraction has an infinite number of equivalent fractions.

A rational number is the value that can be represented by means of a fraction.

All the equivalent fractions express the same rational number.

In order to obtain another fraction equivalent to the one given, we only have to multiply or divide its terms by the same number.

This window shows a fraction with its graphical representation on a pie chart.

- Type the numerator and denominator of another fraction equivalent to it.

- When your answer is correct, you will see that it corresponds to its graphical representation.

- When you click on Init another fraction will appear. Do this activity several times.

  Eduardo Barbero Corral
Spanish Ministry of Education. Year 2007

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