4th year of secondary education (Group B).




Translations of functions.

Dilatation of functions.

Transformations of functions:
Translations and Dilatations.

This unit focuses on the changes produced on the graph of a real function with a real variable when any of the unknown factors are altered to the same factor added to or multiplied by a constant.

In the first example we will see that the result is a graph of a function which is the same shape as the original one, but which has moved from its initial position. From then we will refer to it as a translation. In the second example we get a similar result but the change is either more noticeable or more subtle. In this case we will refer to it as a dilatation.

  • To predict what the shape of the graph of the function will be, once the transformations have been carried out.
  • To know how to relate the function to a simpler one (by using translation or dilatation) thus allowing us to predict the shape of the graph.

  Francisco José Merayo González
Spanish Ministry of Education. Year 2001

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