Section: Geometry




Regular Mosaics

Semi-regular Mosaics

Other types of tessellation:


Throughout history geometric shapes have been used as decorative motifs. Although many objects such as containers, fabrics, doors, windows and other bits of architecture have all been decorated using regular geometric designs we are going to focus specifically on walls and floors. 

Walls and floors are decorated using mosaics. A mosaic is the complete covering of a plane area with pieces usually called floor tiles that fit together exactly without covering each other or leaving any gaps between them. There is an unlimited number of ways to cover a plane and we are going to look at some of the more simple ones.

  • Reinforce basic understanding of Plane Geometry.
  • Develop sensitivity to the aesthetic qualities and functions of geometric shape.
  • Encourage curiosity and interest in the subject so as to investigate geometric shapes and how they fit together in the world around us.
  • Be precise when describing objects around us from a geometrical point of view.


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