Section: Algebra




Quadratic equations

Linear and quadratic simultaneous equations

Superior Higher degree equations

Irrational equations




Solving equations, simultaneous equations and inequations belongs to the branch of mathematics called Algebra. These equations are often used in the field of science to assist with their most important task: that of solving problems.

Throughout the history of mathematics numerous mathematicians have dedicated many years of study to the procedures needed to solve equations and simultaneous equations.

In this unit we focus on quadratic or higher degree equations, linear and quadratic simultaneous equations, irrational equations and inequations as well as methods to solve them. This last type of equation is presented within the context of everyday life where they are used to compare offers or budgets etc.

  • Solve quadratic and higher degree equations
  • Identify, work through and solve problems involving quadratic or higher degree equations and specify the solutions.

  • Identify, work through and solve linear and quadratic simultaneous equations and specify the solutions.

  • Solve inequations and simultaneous in equations. Interpret the solutions graphically and express the solutions as an interval.
  Leoncio Santos Cuervo
Spanish Ministry of Education. Year 2001

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