First two years of secondary education.





Operations and rules.

The square root.

Powers and roots.

This unit deals with powers (or indices) of positive whole numbers. It begins by looking at powers of natural base numbers and then looks at some special cases where the base number or power is 0. Afterwards, it deals with negative base numbers.

We will then look at carrying out different operations with powers such as multiplication, division and raising to another power.

At the end of the unit we shall take an initial look at fractions as indices when we talk about square roots.

  • Understand that a whole number exponent indicates the amount of times the base number is to be multiplied by itself.
  • Know how to interpret powers when the base number is 0 or a negative number.
  • Understand and know how to work with powers.
  • Understand that finding the square root is the reverse of "squaring a number" and recognise the different terms that relate to a square root.

  Fernando Arias Fernández-Pérez
Spanish Ministry of Education. Year 2001

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