Section : Geometry




The area of a square, rectangle and parallelogram

The area of a triangle

The area of a rhombus

The area of a trapezium


Geometric shapes on the plane

This unit deals with the most important geometric shapes on the plane: the triangle, the square, the rectangle, the parallelogram, the rhombus and the trapezium, and focuses on their area.

As they are all two-dimensional we can say that they "live on the plane", unlike a matchbox (rectangular  parallelepiped) which is three-dimensional and therefore "lives in three-dimensional space". Polygons are other kinds of plane shapes which you can find out about in the unit on Measuring Polygons.

  • To work out the area of some basic shapes in a straight forward yet thorough way.
  • To see how different geometric shapes relate to each other through their construction and deconstruction.
  • To develop geometric intuition.

  Agustín Muñoz Núñez
Spanish Ministry of Education. Year 2001

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